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 Kiim water project

The community of Kiim is located deep in the Ecuadorian jungle.  In September 2013, two of HCJB’s missionaries, Wim and Eric, visited Kiim, taking a bus for five hours and then walking along a very muddy trail for about one and a half hours.


Wim and Eric had been invited by the community to come and inspect the timber which the people had cut from the surrounding jungle.  This timber will be used to construct the water tower which forms a large part of the Radio Cracker water project.  Radio Cracker funds will be used to purchase a submersible pump, solar panels and to send cement, pipes and other materials into the jungle.  HCJB missionaries along with the community themselves will install the pump into the existing well, the water will be pumped up the nine metre tall tower and from there the local people will be able to take the clean well water from a communal tap at the base of the tower.  In the future, the community will be able to work on a second stage of the project to build a pipe network which will deliver clean well water directly to each family’s house.


Wim and Eric found that the people in Kiim have pulled together to harvest this wood and to prepare it using hand tools and chainsaws only, often bringing the timber almost an hour’s walk away.  Almost all the timber is ready for the water tower but on inspection they agreed that some of the pieces show signs of rot.  Wim and Eric asked that they prepare the remaining pieces and notify them when the community is ready.


In asking the community to gather the locally available materials themselves, HCJB seeks to empower the local people and to foster a sense of ownership of the project, although this approach does mean that the project moves at the pace of the community.  Kiim is a highly motivated community and the people there are keen to see this project move forward.


In January, Eric reported that they were able to get the four main posts painted, upright and most of the cement poured for the bases.  The community worked really hard.  They had already hand carried yards of sand from the river in sacks, cut 22 logs 6" x 8" x 14 feet long, and 4 posts 10" x 10" x 30 feet long.


The people worked well together to setup posts and hand mix yards of cement.  They are really looking forward to completing the project this year. 

The photos below show progress to date:




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