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Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
07:30 Cracker Wakeup with Adrian Pogue & Ally Stewart Cracker Wakeup with Adrian Pogue & Ally Stewart
09:00 Schools Spot with Craig Whyte & Billy Bell
11:30 Midday Mix with Andrew Davidson Midday Mix with Rachel Henry Midday Mix with Dave Wilkinson Midday Mix with Amy O'Neill
13:30 Lunchtime Lounge with Curtis and Anthony Lunchtime Lounge with Gordon Dawson
15:30 Country Show with Billy McFarland
17:30 Cracker Drive with Megan & Shauna Cracker Drive with Dave Wilkinson Cracker Drive with DJ Ray Cracker Drive with Catherine Dempsey Cracker Drive with Darren Crawford
19:00 Monday Rock with Ian Kennedy Country Roundup with Sammy & Rosemary Evening Hits with Iain and Mark Evening Mix with 1st Ahoghill GB Evening Mix with Lisa Kirkwood
20:30 Country Show with Alastair Coyles Hits and More with Bobby B and Sandy P Evening Mix with Philip Rooney & Andrew Nicholl American Country with Sara Crockett Rock to Pop with Louise Hanna
22:00 Night Cracker with Chris Armstrong Late Night Mix with Billy Bell The Midweek Gospel Show with Neil Jordan Late Night Mix with Tom McKeown Rock & Heavy Metal with Wilbert Steele

08:00 Weekend Wakeup with Amy Holmes
09:30 Mid Morning Mix with George McIlroy
11:00 Sounds of the 60s with Colly Graham
13:00 Weekend Country with Warren Smyth
15:00 Sports & Tunes with Jay McIlroy
17:30 Cheezy Chunes with Neil Jordan
19:00 Evening Mix with Brian McKervey
20:30 Saturday Night Mix with Bill McCluggage
22:00 Late Night Mix with Tony Legend
08:00 Michael Burton & Garreth Mills
09:30 Andy Calderwood
11:00 Julie Browne
13:00 Willie Law
14:30 Neil Jordan
16:00 Jessica McCready
17:30 Country Gospel with Sammy and Rosemary McAuley
19:30 Ivor Hutchinson
21:00 Gordon Dawson
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