This is Our Story

The History

Radio Cracker Ballymena began broadcasting in 1992 with what was described as ‘a group of volunteers’ who were ‘all of the wrong people for radio’ but ‘what they lacked in experience, they made up for in enthusiasm and pure determination to make the project work’.

These were the words of Brian Adams, Radio Cracker’s Technical Manager, in an article he had published in 1993, and which is still very much the mindset today.

The station, shop and fundraising events are all run by a willing band of volunteers who still have that desire and determination to see Radio Cracker succeed in raising thousands of pounds to support charity projects all over the world.

Of course this would not be possible without the support of the many businesses, organisations and individuals who have donated, sponsored and advertised on the station over the last 30 years.

Due to this support and hard work, Radio Cracker has been able to give well over £1,800,000 to their designated charities, helping many needy people worldwide.


Here are a few of the highlights of those early years – thanks again to Brian Adams, RCB Technical Director in 1993, for supplying the details .

1992 - Radio Cracker Ballymena began in 1992 in the newly opened Fairhill Centre.

1993 – an ‘Alternative Christmas’ event was organised for 25th June, including a roadshow in the town centre with Christmas music, a Christmas tree and presenters dressed as Santa – a great crowd-puller and it definitely grabbed the attention of the Ballymena public!

1995 – a record-breaking year for the local station as they beat Radio Cracker stations all over the UK by becoming the station that raised the most money in a single year!

Moving on to the present, and even though all of their fundraising events and live broadcasts were put on hold for the last two years because of Covid-19, that fundraising has continued.

Now in 2022 they are delighted to get back on track this year with plans well underway for live broadcasting, the Radio Cracker shop and events.

Radio Cracker In Ballymena

Radio Cracker has been synonymous with Christmas in Ballymena for the past 30 years.

The studio has always been located in the town centre with the town centre speakers relaying the shows to Christmas shoppers from 27th November up to Christmas Eve each year.

Locals can of course also pick up the station on their radios, with 107.6FM being the channel for many years now.

The school choirs are a highlight of each year’s broadcast as the kids from local schools sing live on air. The Radio Cracker shop, which has become a big part of the yearly fundraising efforts, is always well stocked with arts and crafts made by a willing band of volunteers.

As is often said, it wouldn’t be Christmas in Ballymena without Radio Cracker!