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Emmanuel Hospital

Emmanuel Hospitals have been the beneficiaries of Radio Cracker funds for many years. Two years ago, thanks to Radio Cracker funds, Broadwell Christian Hospital was able to build new staff accommodation to replace the damp, cramped former building and last year funds helped to build a community clinic in Malawi. One of the alternative gifts available in the Radio Cracker shop is a mosquito net to help prevent malaria. For only £5, you can provide protection against this debilitating disease in Malawi.

This year Chinchpada Christian Hospital will receive money to build a new 20 bed maternity ward. Chinchpada Hospital, in Maharastra state, serves a mainly tribal community who are living a subsistence existence. They are some of the poorest people in India. The health and development indices of the area are among the worst in the country. 75% families live below the poverty line, 50 – 60% of girls are married before age 18yrs, female literacy is around 37% and maternal mortality is about 8 per every 100 live births. Tribal communities are unable to save for health care as what earnings they have are utilized for food and other basic needs.

Last year Chinchpada Hospital cared for 1,600 in-patients, 6,000 out-patients and conducted 200 deliveries and 400 surgeries. Over the years the hospital infrastructure, now 60 years old, has become run-down with, in places, severe fabric deterioration making conditions difficult for patients and staff and compromising hygiene and infection control. Some buildings are in urgent need of renovation and others have been repaired several times but renovating them to an acceptable standard is no longer viable or cost effective. Because the hospital caters for the very poor it does not have the capacity to pay for the upgrade of the hospital infrastructure. The team at Chinchpada are seeking support from outside the local community to help them improve the hospital and thereby its services.

You can find out more details on the Emmanuel Hospital website -

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