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Kids4School Ministries - Tanzania

Kids4school works in schools in Tanzania enabling children, who otherwise couldn’t, to go to school.  We work with some of the poorest families in the world.  We are a child sponsorship charity now helping 600 children to get an education.  We work in 5 primary schools (6, from January 2013) and 3 secondary schools.  We also run vocational training programs including such things as sewing and uniform making to welding training.  Many children will not make the academic route so we see vocational training as a very necessary supplemental part of education.  Unfortunately the schools where kids4school work are in need a lot of help.  That is why we are involved in not only providing uniforms, books etc., but feeding the children a meal every day.  This meal could well be their only meal that day.  In addition to that, we go farther by providing equipment and books to schools that are short on just about everything.  Also, these schools have no water supply, no electricity, no school meals and no proper toilets. 


After application to Radio Cracker in 2011, kids4school was given £10,000 to build necessary toilet blocks and water tanks at the schools.  The money was used to build a 12-cubicle toilet block at Kitelera Primary School.  Radio Cracker also financed 3 water storage tanks, one at Kitelera, one at Nzasa and the other at Bwawani Primary School.


Every 15 seconds a child dies due to polluted drinking water - that is a hard fact to take in.  By harvesting rainwater from the school roof into specially constructed concrete water tanks, the children at the schools will have clean, safe drinking water.  Previously there was no water at all at any of the schools.  In fact the houses and the villages from which the students come have no clean drinking water at all.


In May, when I was in Tanzania I took a picture of a little girl called Pelisi at Nzasa Primary School.  She was having her first drink of clean, pure, safe water and it was from a tank that Radio Cracker had provided.  I have to say that I was so excited and just a little bit proud of the folks around Ballymena. It is hard to believe, living somewhere like Northern Ireland where there is sometimes too much water that places like Dodoma Region in Tanzania are so dry and dusty that something as common to us as a drink of clean water, is so precious and important to these children. 


Because of the generosity of Radio Cracker, children in our schools will have clean safe water to drink.  They will know the benefits of proper sanitation with the toilets we have built.   With the help of this great group of committed people, kids4school will continue to be able fulfill it’s motto of  ‘making a difference’.  I would just like to say on behalf of these children at the 3 schools where Radio Cracker have tanks, Asante Sana – thank you very much.


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