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Mission Africa - Ogugu

ADVANCE started working in Ogugu village in 2007 when members of 2nd Donegore Presbyterian Church came out to build the Donegore Centre for HIV counselling and care. The work has grown to including care and sponsorship of orphans and vulnerable children, general medical assistance, care of new-born babies whose mothers have died in childbirth, provision of clean water and general Christian care outreach to the community.



The SWELL borehole project has been a resounding success in the village. A village committee is up and running to maintain the borehole and the queue for the taps is long every morning and evening. Muslim and Christian women alike stop us in our path when we visit the village now, to thank us for the clean and accessible water! We pass on their thanks to you as it is only through the funding of Radio Cracker that the project was completed.


It is exciting to be able to share with you also that the emergency accommodation block is complete for now and also being used well. Occasionally we have been able to accommodate children and adults in dire need there. For example one of our child headed households headed by Henry spent some nights there some months back when their house was attacked by ants which were moving through the village! They were eventually able to move back to their house. The accommodation Radio Cracker funded in Ogugu has also been extremely useful for us to train church workers and leaders in issues surrounding HIV, compassionate outreach and child protection. This means that Radio Cracker has helped us reach more people throughout Nigeria with important teaching and skills, not just Ogugu. It is a fabulous resource for us to care and provide much needed emergency help for the community and also for us to expand our training to more people.


Part of the Donegore Centre accommodation which was built before the Radio Cracker flats now has permanent residents; Richard and Laura Morrison who are from Ballymoney and have come to work with us for 2 years. They are a wonderful boost to the work there and Richard is now in charge of completing our most recent project funded by Radio Cracker – the skills acquisition centre. We received your generous donation via Mission Africa in September 2012 and in the same month passed the work into Richard’s hands. He reworked the plan for the building and we contracted a builder to do the work. In early November the builder came back to us to change his quote – to a much higher sum! As you will remember with the borehole project it can be very difficult to find reliable workers who will stick to contracts. Therefore, the plan for now is that Richard will start the process of making bricks with local workmen rather than taking on the builder. This has caused some delay in the work, but we are eager to use every gift we receive as wisely as possible so that the money accomplishes as much as possible for the people of Ogugu, so we feel this is best for now.


We have a donation from another church for sewing machines for the Centre when it is built, and we will be working on the teaching manuals in the New Year. Henry, who I mentioned earlier, is an apprentice tailor and we hope that when the building is complete he will be our tailoring teacher. Victor who already works with us and Richard are both skilled in teaching basic computing so they will take on that part of the skills Centre. We hope that now the rains have stopped the building will go up fairly quickly. We already have a priority list of young people and women who will be part of our first intake next year.


One of the girls who will be a priority for the tailoring school is called Paulina. She is now 18 years old and therefore is ready to be ‘graduated’ from the sponsorship scheme. She was training as a tailor after failing school exams in 2009. However in 2010 she was attacked and raped in her own home and fell pregnant from the rape. We got involved with her at that time and both her and her beautiful baby girl are receiving sponsorship. The baby will remain on sponsorship, but it is our hope that Paulina can go back to tailoring with the help of the Radio Cracker skills Centre and through this she will see that there is still hope for her, even after all she has been through in her short life.



Radio Cracker has already established their legacy in Ogugu, and from what I have explained above it is obvious that there are many more young people and vulnerable children and adults who will go on receiving hope through the ADVANCE projects you have chosen to sponsor. I have mentioned just Henry and Paulina in this report, there are so many more Henry’s and Paulina’s in Ogugu who are being and who will be given a better chance for the future because of Radio Cracker’s generosity. So once again we want to say a huge THANK YOU to all of you who give your time to raise funds over the Christmas period, and for those of you who take time to consider projects for funding, and of course to the people of Ballymena who never tire of giving. May God bless you for all that you do for the most needy in today’s world.


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