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Second Sight India

Below you can see some photos of one of the many paediatric patients who have benefited from the work of Second Sight.
The eye surgeon was Dr.Samuel Murmu at Bamdah Christian Hospital located in a remote area of the state of Bihar in north India.This place has the worst cataract blindness problem in the world.
This little boy,called Sunil Marandih, aged 8 years, was born with cataract in both eyes. He had some vision and was able to go to school.Then his cataracts progressed to blindness and he started refusing to go to school. (His parents, as is often the case in such situations, did not suspect failing vision as a cause for his truancy).
Staff from Bamdah Christian Hospital found the boy when they went door-to-door doing screening. He has had one eye operated on with great results and will shortly have the other done.
Dr.Samuel is a Christian doctor from one of the many tribal communities in this area of Bihar. He was trained over a period of two years by Second Sight's most experienced ophthalmologists Dr.John Sandford Smith, MBE who is also a committed Christian.
Without Second Sight's training and funding of eye surgery and equipment many children would simply remain blind in Bihar. Even charitable hospitals (of which there are only a few) routinely turn away paediatric patients because their doctors do not have the expertise to operate on them. Christian mission hospitals suffer most from the lack of doctors. Thus Dr.John's training of Dr.Samuel and our funding of the surgery he carries out are having a huge impact on the lives of otherwise forgotten people.
Thank you Radio Cracker for helping us continue this work. We hope that you will be able to do so until we reach our finite objective : the total elimination of cataract blindness in Bihar by the end of the year 2020. Every penny of donated money goes to this work; we do not spend any on admin, salaries our publicity. Every professional who works for Second Sight does so as a volunteer. Our hospitals are very efficient so it costs between £16 and £20 to cure a blind person : this cost includes every cost from going out to villages to screen patients to the artificial lens put into the eye and the post-operative eye drops.
This coming year our partner hospitals in Bihar will cure up up to 60,000 blind people!
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