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Chinchpada Christian Hospital

Chinchpada Christian Hospital – Maharashtra India

Rebuilding the surgical ward and replacement of water supply and storage


Last year, EMMS International asked Radio Cracker to support the rebuilding of the surgical ward at Chinchpada Hospital and the upgrade and replacement of the water supply and storage system. This work is now nearly completed. The following photographs were taken at the end of June 2013 and beginning of July. The work is expected to finish within the next 2 months.


EMMS International is delighted with the progress so far and the impact on the local community. We were unexpectedly honoured with an award in July at the Institute of Fundraising National Convention in London for the fundraising appeal for the rebuilding of Chinchpada. Radio Cracker’s support was essential in achieving this and we are happy to update you on the progress that your contribution has helped make possible.

Text Box: The team of builders and craftsman have been employed from the local communities. The income and new skills they acquire will broaden the impact and legacy of this project


This young woman is being trained as an assistant builder and will provide an important contribution to her family’s income as well as ensuring that this rural community has access to improved healthcare. These villages are some of the poorest in India with 75% of families in the area living on less than 80p per day. Chinchpada Christian Hospital serves as the only free and low cost medical facility in the area.


Material and fuel costs have been high, so managing the budget carefully has been a priority. Reusing some of the quality teak timber and roof tiles has helped to maximise the budget and minimise the impact on the local environment.



The hospital is currently serving 998 villages in the Nandurbar district. This is over 1.3 million people. Despite the difficult and changing conditions over the past year, the hospital has carried out over 1800 surgical procedures and delivered 135 babies. As a result of this final phase of renovation and building, the hospital will now be able to start to meet the growing needs of the area.


cid:4DFF1D07-FC74-42BB-9403-EB47E2363628This is the water supply works for the surgical and other blocks. In addition, there are now toilets for male/female surgical wards which are part of the surgical block. A bore-well is being used to supply water to overhead tanks in the surgical ward.


This bore-well is recharged by a water-harvesting system integrated all around the renovated and newly constructed blocks, so ground water is recharged by water harvesting and stored in natural underground tanks for filtration.


Vidya is 3 years old. She is sitting with her parents on a new resting area built around a tree in the centre of the hospital to provide shade for hospital patients. She has a fever resulting from an infection and has been admitted so she can have intravenous antibiotics and be monitored further.


The newly renovated buildings offer proper clinical conditions in which to treat patients. Vidya’s parents explain that they have nowhere else to go for treatment. Everywhere else is too far away or too expensive. Chinchpada Christian Hospital is an essential part of their community.


Her parents remember coming to the hospital when Vidya was born. Though they are grateful to the staff, they have no fond memories of the damp and dirty building which once stood here. The delivery room where Vidya was born has already been renovated along with the maternity ward. Now her parents explain it’s new and clean. They feel safe and happy to bring their daughter here.



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