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2014 Summary

1.      Kids4school is a small Christian Missionary Charity founded in Larne in 2009.  Increasingly, such missionary and aid agencies are realising that proper education is the key in the Third World if the inter-generational poverty cycle is ever to be broken.  Here, in Northern Ireland, we are inclined to take good education opportunities for our children as their right…and so they are!  Kids4school wants to give that right to hundreds of poor children in Tanzania by building a Christian Academy, comprising a Primary School, a Secondary School, a Vocational School and a Church; all on a 16 acre site given to them by the local community.  Radio Cracker wants to help them with the cost of a borehole for this project…..and we can, if you help us.  Remember the chorus “Red and yellow, black and white; all are precious in his sight”?  Are they precious in your sight?  Please give as generously as you can.  Thank you!



2.    Approximately, 40% of the world’s blind population live in India.  About 75% of these blind people suffer from cataract blindness, which can be cured by a relatively simple surgical procedure. With Second Sight, it costs just over £15.00 to give sight to a blind person.  Second Sight works in Bihar State in India and hopes to eradicate reversible blindness there by 2020.  All their Professionals are volunteers and nothing is spent on administration, salaries or publicity.  Please close your eyes for a second or two and imagine what it would be like to be permanently blind…….and then, please open them, and your heart, and your purse or your wallet, and help support Radio Cracker to help Second Sight to help hundreds of blind people to see again in 2015.  Thank you!



3.     In the mid-1990s, in Bassa, a remote part of Nigeria, a Mission Station comprising a Health Centre and Vetinary Clinic, which had been started by the Qua Iboe Missionary Society in the 1930s, was destroyed during a period of inter-tribal warfare.  The area is now peaceful but well over 12,000 residents have no ready access to health care, and the nomadic people have no help for their sick animals.  Mission Africa wants to rebuild the Mission Station and have asked for help from Radio Cracker.  We sometimes complain about our Health Service, but at least we have one!  How would you cope if (say) there were no doctors and nurses in the greater Ballymena area?  Not a very nice thought, is it? Imagine an emergency in the middle of the night and no 999 Ambulance Service or Dalriada Doctor!  Radio Cracker wants to help Mission Africa, but we need your help if we are to do anything.  Please give as your conscience dictates.  Thank you!



4.      Nepal is a beautiful country, but it is also one of the poorest.  The root of child-trafficking is often extreme poverty!  Tearfund’s National Campaign this year is ‘No Child Taken’.  In Nepal, they are trying to help up to 9,000 people to help themselves by developing at least 20 Self Help Groups.  These Groups empower people socially and economically, by giving them new skills, capacity, and knowledge around such issues as health, hygiene, farming and food security.  Already , great progress has been made but with your help, Radio Cracker can enable Tearfund to make an even greater difference.  Together, we can help these wretchedly poor people so that never again, will a parent even think of raising money by selling their child for slave labour or prostitution.  Keep the children safe!  Please help.  Thank you!



5.     Near a place called Tinka in Romania, there is a small Gypsy community of about fifty  people.  They live in rat infested crumbling mud brick units ( to call them ’houses’ would be a mis-use of the English language).  There is no water or sanitation in any of these units.  The Smiles Foundation is planning to build ten new two-roomed houses for these families, as well as a Hygiene Block with toilets, showers and wash-basins.  They have asked Radio Cracker to help, and we have said “Yes” to helping with the Hygiene Block.  But whether we can or not; and if so, to what extent, depends totally on your support and generosity.  If you don’t help these people, who will?  “There but for the grace of God”  Go on, please?  Make a difference!  Thank you!



6.     In a village called Mokhotlong in South Africa, live many children orphaned by HIV/AIDS.  They are currently being cared for by their grandparents or by their oldest brother or sister.  If they go to school, they have a long walk to Lesotho and when the return, they have household chores to do and they receive no encouragement or help with their homework.  E3 Initiative wants to build a Boarding Home in Lesotho for 40 such orphaned and vulnerable children.  They will board from Monday to Friday, attend school, receive three nutritious meals per day, live in a Christian environment etc.  This will be a real blessing to the children now and a benefit to their community in the future.  Can you imagine what a change this will bring to these poor children …and what an example to them of the love of God being worked out in their lives.  Please give what you can.  Thank you!

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