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2015 Summary

 Second Sight  is working in the worst area in the world for cataract blindness; Bihar State in India.  So far, over one quarter of a million people there have had their sight restored through cataract surgery.  Because 100% of all donations is spent on surgical procedures, sight can be restored for approximately £15.00 (About the cost of six coffees!).  Second Sight aims to eradicate cataract blindness in Bihar State by the end of the year 2020.  Radio Cracker Ballymena hopes to be able to give £8,000.00  to Second Sight so that more than 500 blind people will be able to see again.  Please help us to do that.


Asha In New Delhi, the capital city of India, living on a river bed, under a Metro bridge, there is a slum community of approximately 5,500 men, women and children.  Most of the men are unemployed.  The average dwelling is built from whatever material is available – plastic sheets, dry reeds, straw and mud, cardboard etc.  It measures about 6 by 8 feet and is ‘home’ to five to eight people.  Basic amenities, which we take for granted, such as adequate healthcare, clean drinking water, electricity, toilets etc. just don’t exist.  Diseases such as diarrhoea, TB, malaria, pneumonia, hepatitis etc. abound, leading to high infant and maternal mortality rates.  Asha has a proud record in helping other slum dwellers help themselves to improve the health and quality of their lives.  Community Health Volunteers will be trained to provide primary healthcare; the Asha team and a doctor will provide secondary healthcare, and the well-equipped Asha Polyclinic will provide tertiary healthcare.  Radio Cracker Ballymena plans to give £9,600.00 for this work.  But we need your help. Please give generously.


Bread for Kenya  is a small, local Charity working to help the poor in Kenya.  There are approximately 120.000 Tharaka people who are extremely poor, with many of them suffering from malnutrition and amoebic dysentery, the latter caused by drinking dirty water.  Bread for Kenya has already installed 190 PVC water storage tanks to collect clean rain water and there has been a vast improvement in health as a result.  However, 8,000 more tanks are needed so that everyone may benefit.  Each tank costs £150 and Radio Cracker Ballymena wants to give £6,000.00 for the supply of 40 more tanks.  When you next go to the tap for a drink of water, please think of this project and then give, as you can, to help us meet this great need.


EMMS International  In Chhatarpur, in Madhya Pradesh, one of India’s poorest States, there are approximately 94 neonatal deaths per 1,000 live births! The figure for England and Wales is 2.8!  The mortality rate for mothers, some as young as twelve, is 386 for every 100,000 births.  In the UK, it is 8!  One of the problems is that the local hospital, Christian Hospital Chhatarpur, does not have enough equipment.  And so, EMMS Intl. has asked Radio Cracker Ballymena to help fund the purchase of cradles, breathing machines and labour tables and beds.   We have said that we will donate the required £11,980.00 but we can only do it with your financial help.  Please help us save the lives of many of these young babies and mothers.  If you don’t, who will?


Tearfund  Mozambique is a highly indebted, poverty-stricken country.  Despite frequent floods and droughts, its diverse soils and climatic conditions offer a wide range of produce opportunities.  However, it is the rural areas where poverty is more acute, mainly because of limited levels of productivity and marketing.  Tearfund has asked Radio Cracker Ballymena to help fund a project which will, with the help of community leaders and the local churches, train 400 families to build ecological latrines to improve sanitation and reduce the risk of disease; build firewood (solar) saving stoves to better preserve the forests; better manage the storage of the increased produce; and farm in a more responsible way to protect their own environment.  This project will benefit many people and be an example to the rest of Mozambique.  Tearfund is a much respected Charity and Radio Cracker Ballymena is pleased to offer a donation of £9,819.00 for this project.  Please join with us in helping these poor people to make better lives for themselves and their children.


Francina Foundation  This is a new, local Charity which has been established, among other things, to relieve poverty in India.  It has been particularly moved by the plight of the ‘devadasi’ population.  These women are Hindu temple prostitutes who are misguidedly ‘dedicated’ to the worship of the Hindu deity by their parents – for life.  As these women get older, they find themselves ‘beyond use’ and are rejected by the temple and their own community.  The Francina Foundation plans to build a safe house for these women and has asked Radio Cracker Ballymena to help.  We have agreed to give £8,000.00 – provided we receive sufficient funding from our listeners, supporters and local businesses.  We were greatly moved to hear of the plight of these poor misguided women, and we hope that you will be too – to the point where you give as generously as you can to show that someone, albeit thousands of miles away, still loves them!


Mission Africa  This is a much-loved and well-respected local Charity.  This year, Radio Cracker Ballymena has agreed to donate £6,000.00 for three different areas of great need.  First, we will give £2,000.00 for the purchase of more than 200 mosquito nets.  The incidence of malaria is falling, mainly through the increased supply of mosquito nets, but it is still a major cause of mortality in Africa, particularly among young children.  Second, to help the large number of people, particularly in Nigeria, with polio, we are going to give £2,000.00 for the purchase of hand-propelled wheelchairs.  These are made locally and provide much needed employment but are also literally a ‘Godsend’ to many sufferers who without a wheelchair, spend their days literally crawling along on the ground.  Lastly, Radio Cracker Ballymena has promised to give £2,000.00 to help establish a rehabilitation centre for prostitutes who are currently marginalised and at risk of violence and HIV.  Many are now eager to change their lives and this centre will help them to do that, in God’s name.   Only three different areas of need, but so many people in need.  Will you help for the love of God? Please do.  Thank you!

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