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2018 Summary


Laos is the most bombed country in the world. Most of the munitions dropped were cluster bombs, which splinter before impact, spreading hundreds of smaller bomblets: many of which are still lying unexploded throughout the countryside. More than 20,000 people have been killed or maimed by these bomblets and many people are still being maimed and killed every year. Sadly many of the casualties are children as the bombs are often mistaken for toys. With your help Spud Bears hope to send Solar-powered talking bears, programmed in the Lao language, to teach young children in the remote rural locations about the dangers of playing with strange looking objects.


The state of Bihar in India is the very worst area in the entire world for cataract blindness. Second Sight is a charity operating here to restore sight to these poor people and indeed eradicate cataract blindness in this area by 2020. Over 380,000 people of all ages have already had their sight restored!
We hope, with your support, to fund over 500 of these operations this year.


Samaritan Community School in Kitwe, Zambia, teaches 920 pupils in makeshift wooden huts, which are dilapidated and desperately need replacing.
The children come from various slum communities affected by poverty, HIV and AIDS, teenage pregnancy, crime and drug abuse. They cannot go to government or private schools because their families cannot afford the fees, school uniforms and books. There is an average of 102 children per class from Grade 1 to 9. E3 Initiative have asked us to fund the building of a new brick classroom to replace one of the current huts which could literally fall apart at any minute.


In Tanzania there is little opportunity for children in rural areas to attend school because of the large distance they would have to walk. With your help Kids4School hope to build dormitories for these children at their Academy so that distance is not a barrier for any child wanting to receive a good quality education. The children will be safe, protected and looked after during the week while not in the care of their parents. A matron will be resident at the Academy at all times who will oversee every aspect of the children's welfare. The children will board during the week and return home every weekend to their family.


Life-line Ministries have been working in Kenya for over 15 years. With your help they would like to replace a temporary corrugated tin and wood classroom with a brick-built one for 35 children. A brick classroom will be much more durable and comfortable for the children as it will not be influenced by the weather to the same degree as the tin.


The Tharaka women in Kenya walk many miles to the river to get water. They fill 20 litre plastic containers with river water and carry them home by placing them on their back with a rope around the container and their forehead. With your help BREAD hope to provide the Tharaka people with 30 more PVC rain water tanks. These tanks are especially useful in the rainy season because at this time the rivers turn brown in colour with contamination from the ground around them and make the people sick.


50,000 people living in remote villages dotted along the lake shore across Nkhata Bay, Rumphi and Karonga districts in Malawi have little or no healthcare. There are health centres but they are in an awful state, and it is not fair to ask healthcare professionals to live and work in near-squalor. Emms International are committed to renovating 5 facilities and have asked for your help to provide liveable health centres for skilled and qualified healthcare professionals to serve in.


Every day over 3,000 children attend Care for Cambodia projects for free supplementary education in subjects such as Khymer, English, Maths, Health & Hygiene and Drama. They have recently opened a chicken farm to help fund this vital work and are asking for your help to expand this farm with another chicken shed. The income from this extra shed will equate to around 20% of CFC's normal monthly expenditure which will pay the salaries of 20 part-time teachers each month, allow 3 youths to attend university that they couldn't normally afford, provide 6 training per annum and pay living wages to those overseeing the project.

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